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ASO Tools for Android

These tools can give you millions of downloads in google play.

Let's talk about the keywords tools of the Experts and more importantly - how to use them correctly.

1) Source: Trying to understand what people are looking for? Start from - how simple is that? there are many websites that giving you suggestions of what people are searching for, it's nice but it can't be accurate like the original website so confirm the keywords by searching (always!)

2) Sensor Tower: This is one of my favorite websites to analyze keywords, use it to check traffic and competition of your keywords, tracking, ranking, etc.

From my experience, Sensor tower it's 1 of the most accurate tools but you can't trust it 100% and to be honest not even 90%, that's why we need double-check with the next tool.

3) Apptweak: It's less accurate from Sensor Tower but much faster with super nice features like advance keywords suggestion and cool app analytics.

The combination of Source + Sensor Tower + Apptweak will give you the highest chance for success.

4) Google Trends: Can help you to understand if your keywords are relevant in Google searches and if your app base on trends so this tool is a must.

5) Appbrain: This website is a great place to make a quick check about app ranking and also take a look at top categories, top android phones, ad network statistics, google play ranking, etc.

These can be your best weapons.

It all depends on how you use them.

It's more of an Art than a Math - That's why experience is critical here.

If you would like extra professional information feel free to comment below.

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