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Startup with no budgets but with huge hunger

Guerrilla Warfare

As a small group, we have an advantage from the giant companies because we can adjust, learn and change things (if needed) much faster.

We started our startup with no budgets but with huge hunger to professional information.

Because we started without budgets, we couldn't afford ourselves to hire professionals so we have spent over 1000 hours on professional knowledge (courses, books, articles, etc..)

We constantly increase our knowledge in the mobile app market and have earned a lot along the way.

David vs. Goliath

As a small group, we focus on guerrilla warfare.

To win a company with $ 400,000 budget per month you have to play really smart.

This is David vs Goliath - and of course We Are David.

We are a small army (like guerrillas), but very effective. We already got millions of downloads without help of paid marketing (from ASO only) and it's time for you to join us.

We are among the few startups who do not open the gates to investors. We are so confident in our process that we provide awesome services with allot of love to all of our customers.

Wide Angle

As a small group you have to pay attention to a wide range of things: management, development, design, marketing, optimization and more.

All of that can cost big money but, if a large company need 10 people to complete a project, the work can be completed efficiently with two or three of us.

We have invested in more knowledge than the others and we will use that for your advantage. All of that knowledge could be yours in your next mobile app project.

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