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Facebook Research Bot

Facebook Research Bot

Looking for new customers on Facebook?
Looking for information in groups?

Looking for new connections?

This Bot will work for you 24/7 !!!

How It Works?

3 Simple Steps:

1) Enter your Facebook Email and Password

2) Enter Facebook Groups and Keywords you would like to search

3) Click on the 'Search' button and Get All relevant posts to your Email Inbox!

Wide Angle

As a small group you have to pay attention to a wide range of things: management, development, design, marketing, optimization and more.

All of that can cost big money but, if a large company need 10 people to complete a project, the work can be completed efficiently with two or three of us.

We have invested in more knowledge than the others and we will use that for your advantage. All of that knowledge could be yours in your next mobile app project.

How this bot can help me?

The Bot can search relevant posts in unlimited groups and unlimited keywords:

* Scan Unlimited Groups

* Search Unlimited keywords

* 3 Different Search models (searching relevant keywords only, relative keywords or all specific keywords)

* Define a range of days (for example posts from last 5 days only)

* Save your data locally - the most secure system.

* 24/7 Support for any question

* Easy & Friendly User interface

* 19$ Per Month Only

Would you like to test the software? A Free trial is available!

Contact us for more details.

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