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What is ASOBOT?

Unique powerful tool that gives you the ideal keywords for your android app based on in-depth keyword research, so you can get organic downloads on Google Play and save a fortune on marketing.

Main Features


Get updated on every new app your competitors upload to Google Play.

Price: 5$ only per account (minimum 10 accounts)

Trendy keywords

Get all trendy keywords from more than 120 countries, the list includes word counting from title + app description.

Price: 30$ only

New idea's

Our most powerful tool for locating apps with high success potential, you will get 2 lists of new apps with extremely high chances of success.

Price: 60$ only

New idea's with custom subject

Similar to new idea's but here we will scan much more apps and search for a specific subject that relevant to your targets.

Price: 120$ only

Common Questions:

1) Why is ASOBOT better than the others?

The tools available in the market are nice but definitely not enough, they work in a very passive way "give me keywords and I will check the data for you" or "give me an app and I will analyze it for you", what if I want new ideas? What if I want good keywords based on a general topic?
I'll tell you a secret - I worked with these tools for years and they let you work very hard to get results, the focus on ASOBOT is to do 95% of the work for you.

The bot presents you with apps with huge success potential along with the relevant keywords, all you have left to do is decide which app is right for you to develop.

2) What exactly do I get?

A list of successful apps based on good keywords,
To find these apps you need a particularly smart keyword analysis - and that's what we do for you.

In the "new ideas" plan it is usually a list of at least 20 different apps, in the "specific search" plan it depends on the size of the niche.

3) What is a "beta price"?

During the development of the bot we decided to allow very attractive prices, as the development process progresses and more impressive results of the bot are presented - the prices will increase significantly.
If you purchased the service at a beta price - you are guaranteed a beta price forever.

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